I am on a mission to transform the way business owners think and operate. Too many struggle and fail, unnecessarily. They’re under constant strain. If they just understood and applied the strategies, tools and processes used by the most successful businesses, then they, too, could thrive. 
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The uncensored truth

The uncensored truth

Percent of Small Businesses that Fail

*Source: According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Advocacy’s 2018 Frequently Asked Questions.

Twenty percent of new businesses fail in their first year. About half last five years. Only one-third of all US businesses will reach ten years.* Even fewer thrive and rise to the top of their market.

It’s been this way for decades. The percentages never change.

More professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses would experience success if they only understood and applied the winning strategies —

Those behind the most successful companies. 

So what’s stopping them?

The information is out there. They could have success if they had the proper desire, determination and grit to research, study and apply what they learn. But that kind of desire, determination and grit is scarce.

They fail because they don’t think and act like the wealthy and they don’t want to change. They’re stubborn and stuck in their ways. They think and act like everyone else and consequently, get paid like everyone else. They have lofty goals, but give up before they’re able to witness the view from the top. 

They settle for the status quo. 

Rather than pressing on, studying and applying what the wealthy think and do, they take the more traveled road of complacency and quietly slip back into mediocrity. They tell themselves it’s too hard. They have themselves a pity party, grumble and yell, “You’re to blame!” And finally, they sit down comfortably on the sofa with a tasty snack, just in time for their favorite prime-time television show.

That is the uncensored truth of why most fail. They think and do all the wrong things.

And they don’t want to change.

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