Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the use of digital technology to solve traditional business problems across 4 main functional areas: how a company attracts new customers, how they deliver value to customers, how they operate and how they make strategic decisions. All 4 functional areas — in different ways — contribute to the health of a business… 

The mannequin

It’s really easy to create high-converting sales scripts, emails, videos and web copy from scratch with this simple trick I learned about a decade ago — even without knowing anything about sales, human psychology or persuasion.

The Content Factory

The secret to attracting, winning and keeping more of your ideal customers; creating stability; peace of mind and a Profitable Growing Business is to build a large and growing list of raving fans & loyal customers — and do it for less (much less) than it costs to acquire a customer!

The uncensored truth

Twenty percent of new businesses fail in their first year. About half last five years. Only one-third of all US businesses will reach ten years. And even fewer thrive and rise to the top of their market.